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Enterprise name: Jiangxi blue Hengda Chemical Co., Ltd.

National advisory telephone: 0795-7829666

Phone: 0795-7829711

Fax: 0795-7829777

Mailbox: 398371481@qq.com

Web site: www.jxlhd.com

Address: Jiangxi Zhangshu sinki Mountain Industrial Park

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Jiangxi blue Hengda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is a foreign invested enterprise built by Hongkong blue Hengda International Investment Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 18 million US dollars.

The company is located in Jiangxi Province, Zhangshu City provincial salt chemical industry base - octyl Hill Industrial Park, covers an area of 1200 acres, more than 500 employees, has owned thermal power plant and 1.79 tons of brine mining rights. The company has a matching living area in Zhangshu City, covering 58 acres, and has built 6 dormitories and 247 houses, with a total floor area of 19850M2.

The company is one of the key chlor alkali chemical enterprises in Jiangxi province. The main products are ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, liquid chlorine, hydrazine hydrate, ADC foaming agent, high purity hydrochloric acid and so on. Among them, ion-exchange membrane caustic soda is 170 thousand tons / year, hydrazine hydrate is 10 thousand tons / year, ADC foaming agent is 20 thousand tons / year. The company production line adopts domestic advanced production technology and automation equipment, and technical cooperation many domestic scientific research institutes, the development of advanced technology, high value-added, green fine chemical products, provide strong technical support for the sustainable development of the company.

The company has always been adhering to the "sincere heart and perseverance, has been up to and Master" business development philosophy, always adhere to the "technology first, team oriented, beyond the study in the core value of enterprise development" in the view of symbiosis. In pursuit of development, enterprises should establish mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders in order to realize the continuous extension of the industrial chain and continuous and stable development of enterprises.

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